Wave after Wave Live Recording!

  • Summit Church (map)
  • 292 East Barham Drive
  • San Marcos, CA

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The worship ministry at Summit Church is excited to invite you to come on January 17 & 18th, 2015 at 7pm as we do a live album recording of some of the songs we've worked on this past year.

God is doing some incredible things in San Diego county, connecting us together in such a greater way... it's like we're family, huh? :)

We have been writing and collaborating on these worship together, and feel God's heart is to further the connection in this region, and we'd love to see the churches of San Diego come worship our God together as we want to capture what the Lord is doing.

We believe that God's heart is to continue connecting the church of San Diego region, in order to see the church light up ever brighter for His glory, and lost come back to the Father. God's goodness and mercy never end; they keep pouring out like Wave After Wave, and it's our heart and prayer that these two nights would be a time of refreshing, connecting, and a sending out of Kingdom-carriers to share His goodness and see the lost be found again.

- Date: January 17th & 18th, 2015
- Time: 7pm both nights
- Location, Summit Church
- Cost: Free